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  • Dear Shannan and the team.

    Bravo to you all.

    I have been an aviation enthusiast for more years than I care to remember now in my sixties. I remember very well the Gannets flying from White Waltham as I used to live near the airfield many years ago.

    In all my years of supporting historic aircraft I thought I would need to contact you and congratulate you on such an amazing rescue of this wonderful aircraft you all obviously care about. If I was a younger man I would be with you to help in any way I could right now, however I want to support your great efforts from the UK and feel part of this fantastic mission to get XT752 flying again.

    Your dedication is a credit to historians.

    Respectfully yours David Pearson   


  • I dont know what your status is regarding volunteer mechanics for the repair and maintenance of this aircraft. I was an above average structural mech on KC-130's at Cherry Point, NC, 1966-69. No doubt I've forgotten quite a few of the finer details since then, but if you ever need someone to hold a bucking bar.... or fetch a bucket of prop wash....or to accurately cut you off 50' of flight line... feel free to get in touch. 

  • In the late 60's I attended Moston College of Further Education as part of my Hawker Siddeley apprenticeship. In the main workshop as it was then (a dedicated aircraft block was later built) was a Double Mamba engine. It could still be there for all I know but as one of our lecturers was ex Fleet Air Arm who knows what other Gannet bits and pieces might still be there. It was a great time to be there with lecturers that tought as much from experience as anything else. They masterminded the building of a dedicated aircraft workshop and even acquired a Gloster Meteor for us to learn practical skills on all aspects of aircraft construction and maintenance.

  • I am still serving in the RN. I am a petty officer air engineer actually on 849 at Lossiemouth from 1975 - 1978 and actually worked on your aircraft. Is there anyway I could get involved in your operation on the maintenance side or get involved in anyway.

    July 1974 Joined the RN at the age of 16, Finished basic air engineering course December 74

    January 1975 Posted to RNAS Portland in Dorset to 737 squadron operating Seaking Mk1 aircraft where I started applying my trade in all aspects of air engineering

    September 1975 Posted to 849 HQ at Lossiemouth where I worked on both Mk3 AEW and T5 Gannet's

    March 1976 Posted to 849 B Flt at Lossiemouth and embarked on HMS Ark Royal. We only had 4 aircraft and I looked after my own one which was XL472 (044) which is currently at Gatwick Air Museum

    February 1978 Posted back to 849 HQ where I got involved in all sorts of engineering tasks. The squadron was disbanded December that year and the aircraft scrapped or sent to all the far corners of the earth.

    1979 - 1980 Back to Portland where I worked on Wasp anti submarine helicopters, and promoted to Leading Hand (Corporal)

    September 1980 - 1984 Worked on Seaking Mk2 anti submarine helicopters carrying out all aspects of aircraft maintenance. I was also awarded my limited supervisory status.

    1984 - 1993 Stationed at RNAS Yeovilton working on Sea Harrier FRS 1 aircraft. Also embarked with 800 NAS on Illustrious and Invincible during this period. Promoted to Petty Officer (Sergeant)

    April 1993 Left the service and in 1994 joined Airwork Ltd working in Oman on Jaguar aircraft, then in March 1996 joined British Aerospace in Saudi Arabia on Tornado IDS. Rejoined the service in 2006

    2006 - Present Seaking Mk4 Commando Helicopters, Data proccessing and on the Students Presentation Team     

  • Its been a very humbling time for the team and I to read the wonderfull words that our readers, supporters and magazines have sent.

    One of the exciting parts of it all for us is to have current and ex-servicemen from both the UK and USA write to us with words of encouragement and volunteering to join in "Janet's" refurbishments. During the work we will be documenting and recording for DVD and future TV the effort put in by so many of the good people and supporting companies. We cant wait to document and film the reunions of the ex-servicemen back working with XT752 who looked after her and was part of her history in their service days many years ago.

    We would love to hear more from some of the Australian Gannet servicemen and Women including Germany's, as we are sure there are still many more Gannet connections out there.            

  • I used to carry out maintenance on XT752 whilst serving as mechanic at RNAS Lossiemouth in the 70's. Good to hear it will be flying again.

  • Hi Everyone, I just came across your homepage and project by chance. I am a big fan of the Fairey Gannet and have been following XT752 for some years. For the last ten years I flew as a pilot on Dornier 228 with the 2nd squadron of the German Naval Air Wing 3 which was the German squadron which operated the Fairey Gannet until 1968. The bird Gannet is also in our squadron's crest. We keep Gannet AS Mk4 UA+113 here as a gate guard. It is a great pleasure to see XT752 in good capable hands after so many years of adventure. I hope you can get her into the air again soon. 

  • Fantastic website. Good luck with your restoration, never give up.

    It would be fantastic to see your Gannet flying with Avro Vulcan XH558 (the first and last Vulcan)

  • I am a great Gannet fan as I used to see them at RNAS Ford when I was a youngster. Love the sound of the Double Mamba. We hope all goes well for you, and the plans to visit this side of the POND come to fruition. Good Luck and Happy Flying. 

  • Keep up the good work guys. Hope you get her flying again

  • I was an 18 year old Naval Air Mechanic when I was posted to 703 X Flight for intensive flying trials of the first 4 Gannet AS1.That was in 1954.The aircraft log books were handed to the flight commanding officer, Lt Cdr FE Cowtan by Sir Richard Fairey MBE at the handing-over ceremony.When the trials were finished the first full squadron, 826 ,was formed and deployed to HMS Eagle in 1955.Seeing your video of Jannet being started up brought the memories flooding back and I could almost smell the cordite! Keep up the great work you are all doing to preserve this historic aircraft.for future generations.

  • I flew as a crewman in AEW Gannets on 816 Squadron RAN in 1963-65

  • I did my conversion to type flying in XT752 at 849 Squadron, Headquarters
    flight at RAF Lossiemouth, between December 1973 / January 1974. As the last two seat T5 trainer XT 752 was by then considered too valuable to risk landing on a carrier
    as she was doing sterling service giving us jet trained pilots a humbling introduction to the delights of real flying! After two years at Lossiemouth flying the AEW3, the
    COD and with the odd standards flying check or instrument flying test in XT 752, I joined 849 Squadron 'B' Flight which formed part of the air group embarked on the
    carrier HMS Ark Royal.

    Both HQ and 'B' Flight were based in a hangar complex in the south west corner of the airfield at Lossiemouth. Having the Gannets based at RAF Lossiemouth was a
    hangover from the past as the airfield previously Royal Naval Air Station Lossimouth (known as HMS Fulmar) and was the Navy's strike fighter base for many years.
    Sadly with the phasing out of the carriers we had to hand it over to the Royal Air Force but we negotiated the real estate to house the remaining Gannet HQ and 'B'
    Flights as long as Ark Royal remained in service.

  • Hi, Just saw "monster moves" tonight with your Gannet. Well done. I found the Gannet to be my favourite. Keep up the good work.

  • I saw your aircraft featured on the last Mighty Moves programme. It certainly brought back memories...! The RAN also used the type on the carrier HMAS Melbourne and at the Air Station HMAS Albatross. The aircraft you have was one of two that came up together for disposal in the UK. Its sister aircraft finished up on display at the Fleet Air Arm Museum here. I was aware of the story that saw your aircraft stuck at Goose Bay and I am pleased you have undertaken to put it back in the air.

  • Joining the RAN in 1958 I served as an Electrician Air Weapons on Gannets at NAS Nowra in New South Wales on 725 squadron and on the HMAS Melbourne with 816 Sqdn. They were always my favourite aircraft and when I saw the 'Monster Moves' program on TV a couple of weeks ago, the memories came flooding back. I flew many times on special fly -pasts with Doug Anstey a pilot on Gannets with whom we rented a small flat in Huskisson on Jervois Bay in NSW. When asked what was my favourite task on the Gannet, I reply (with tongue firmly in cheek), cleaning the Inverter changeover switch points, located on the bulkhead forward and above the Radome housing at the rear. Especially when the aircraft was on deck readying for startup. Anyone who has done this will know what I mean!! I think the job you are doing and what you have achieved is remarkable. I am well into my 70's now but still feel like I could do a maincheck 2 tomorrow. Cheers and Good Luck. Maurie Thompson. Ex-RAN

  • As a 12year old I would walk around the Fairey Gannet with its wings folded as it was parked on the grass strip next to a hanger owned by Fairy Aviation on the AST Hamble Airfield. The contra rotating props and the folded wings made the Gannet an obvious point of interest. We did not advertise our presence as technically we were trespassing on military protected land. The sight of the mantis like aircraft intrigued me more than the chipmunk trainers parked nearby. My father was the works manager of the AST production plant at the time. We left Hamble in 1962, me to college and my father to A V Roe Chadderton in Manchester. Happy memories!

  • Just watched Monster Moves, wow, what a great job, well done! My father was in the RAN for 27 years and was on HMAS Melbourne in the early 60's. As a 10 year old I went out on her on a family day off Sydney Heads and my uncle shot footage of Gannets and Sea Venoms. One Gannet actually caught fire before being catapulted off and we have footage of the whole incident, from starting up, to the fire and then to the foam all over the plane and the deck to put the fire out. I remeber this trip vividly from back in August 1963

  • My father was a radar operator in the Royal Navy in the 50 ties and spent 6 moths on a carrier flying in the belly of a gannet ... it scared the living daylights out of him ! I can't wait to see her back in the UK for the airshow circuit. Going to Detroit later this month, so I will look at the map see how far away you are. Please carry on the good work and get her into the sky, Over the palace with the Vulcan for the Queens Golden jubilee would be great !

  • I was an apprentice at Fairey's Gannet production-line at Ringway (now Manchester Airport) from 1954 to 1955 and I got to fly in WN421 # 4 production A/C.

    Regards Eddie Higham  

  • I would just like to say thank you and well done. As a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm I am hugely proud of it's heritage and past. I have a huge love of the Gannet and have done ever since my first encounter at HMS Daedalus. My father, a former RN AEM used to instruct at the aircraft engineering school at the base and as a child I often visited the large hangar full of different aircraft from sea hawks to Wessex helicopters but it was always the gannet that stuck out. Being lifted in to the cockpit and being able to see nothing outside without standing on the seat. Amazing memories. Anyway, after seeing the mega moves program I was so happy to hear that you are giving XT752 the love and respect she deserves to keep her doing what she does best, flying. If you ever get to bring her back to the UK, she is more than welcome to 845 Naval Air Squadron at RNAS Yeovilton. Best wishes, J.Bayliss

  • Hi there, nice to see the old Girl in such good condition,keep up the good work. I was an Aircraft Mechanician,(Mechanical) in the Fleet Air Arm from 1957 to 1980. I was stationed at R.N.A.S. Lossiemouth, from July 1974 until the summer of 1978, as a member of 849 Sqdn Headquarters group. At that time we were operating AEW Mk 3 aircraft, but still maintaining the remaining Mks4 & 5.(including JANET). Somewhere I think I still have photo's, which I will try to find and send to you. I only just saw the "monster move" last week,which stirred me to trace you.I look forward to hearing from you, Fred.

  • Please keep me informed about janets progress, I was a control clerk at RAF Coastal Command at Aldergrove, we dealt with aircraft movements with the Royal Navy Airsea Rescue Service.

  • My grandfather the late george parker designed the wings he had a patent in his name for the flap mechanism a linkage mechanism with improved fowler positioning he went on to work on the barracucuda firefly and in charge flaps and wings on the TSR2 as his last project

  • Its great to see XT752 after all these years. I was in the Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm at HMS Goldcrest a RN air base in southwest wales when I and Janet served together on 849 HQ SQDN. Her call sign was 772. I as a maintainer spent many hours keeping her flying in the 1960's.   



  • It's been years since I have seen a Gannet flying and it's wonderful to see the grandfather of them all being lovingly cared for by your team.

    I can't wait to see her back in all her glory, great work guys keep it up.


  • I have been a fan of historic aircraft for years going to shows all around the UK. It's always nice to see the odd Spitfire and Mustang flying but to see XT752 at a show would be something special and I will travel any distance to see her.

    Please try in the future to make many of us here in the UK happy and bring the old girl over for some shows. I am sure many of the airshow organisers would jump at the chance to book her for sure.

    Keep it going.   

  • Wow what an amazing machine.

    I fly scale R/C model aircraft and have been looking for another project to build for competitions. I am working on a quarter scale model of your Gannet and have the intention of installing a turbine driven propeller system and folding wings.

    It would be great if I can come and see XT752 and take some details to get the model as close as possible. I have seen many aircraft but I have never seen one aircraft have so many new developments for the year it was built. Fantastic 

  • Dear XT752 team,

    My late father used to take me to see the Gannets when I was very young at White Waltham.

    I still remember seeing the unusual shape that attracted my attention with the wings high up in the folded position.

    I think the Gannet gave me the inspiration to follow my dreams of learning to fly in later years. I was so happy to see XT752 is being well cared for by you all, despite the hurdles you have encountered.

    It gives me great faith that there are still people in the world that clearly have a passion for preserving history that dont just talk about it but do it clearly with every effort.

    One day I hope to either come to the USA to see her fly at a show, or even better see her visit and display in the UK. I would drive the entire length of the country to see "Janet" and her beautiful paint scheme.

    You have my vote for sure.      

  • To the guys with XT752.

    Was just shown the Monster Moves TV program where your team successfully took the leap of faith and transported XT752 back to her home in New Richmond.

    I had to contact you as I have never been into aviation as my life has been into heavy transport, and during my years I know what planning and work it takes to move anything of large size.

    I found the move of your aircraft very entertaining and my hat goes off to all those who made this move happen so smoothly as I could see by just watching the amounts of problem areas that could have ruined what must have been a one off chance but everyone got thier act together when it counted.

    Most viewers wont appreciate that your move was obviously and international collaboration that must have been timed down to minutes. Well done.

    I cant wait to see your aircraft move on the TV program again.  

  • I wanted to contact Shannan and the crew to say thank you.

    Thanks to my father who is a Vietnam veteran and had read that your amazing "Janet" aircraft was at New Richmond, I took a chance to drive my young son who loves aircraft but has been very unwell for quite a while to see if we could take a look for ourselves.

    I didnt know what to expect when I arrived at your aircrafts hangar at all, but I wanted to say a big thank you. I didnt expect that I would get to meet you and the guys who gave us a great history talk while showing us around this wonderful aircraft, and making us feel welcome.

    My son was without many words at the time as he couldnt stop looking around your aircraft but he certainly made up for it later at home. I know you all have and continue to make many childrens imaginations grow allowing them to see the aircraft and all of the work that has been done which is fantastic. We cant wait to see her finished and flying. Thank you so much.  

  • Hi Guys

    Im such a crazy supporter of "Janet" ever since I saw her arrive with the TV crews filming it. I love warbird aircraft and she's something special thats for sure.

    Im hoping that the Monster Moves program on the History channel get over to the USA soon as many of us want to see the move of New Richmonds very famous mascot I am proud to say.

    I found out that its going around the world even Canada so hopefully we get it soon!!!!!

    Are you guys going to do more TV programs on her when she's flying as this is an aircraft you just have to film as much footage as possible, people want to see her.

    Keep going and look after "Janet" we all think she's great.    

  • Thank you all for trying to guess what parts of Janets airframe is shown wrapped up on our XT752 Gallery page.

     There were some very funny reply's and some we couldnt print but to some of the following names they were correct.

     T.Webb (UK)          A.Jerome (USA)          B.Lundquist (USA)          J.Davidson (USA)

    D.Peters (UK)          P.Cutter (UK)          A.Walter (Australia)          R. Dilley (USA)

    M.Erickson (USA)

    No1 Inboard rear of wing at tailpipe exit. No2 Leading edge of tailplane. No3 Lower tailplane fin. No4 Rear lower fuselage.

    WELL DONE EVERYONE, also to the many we couldnt mention

  • My family and I cant wait to read that Janet has flown. My father was in the services and loved the Gannet and always wanted to fly in one as a passenger.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Hi lads,

    If I only had the chance to be nearer Janet I would love to do anything to help even sweep the floors to have a chance to be part of your efforts.

    If she can ever come back to the UK for a show you can bet I will be there no matter what.

    You have an amazing project and an amazing aircraft that many are happily jealous of in a good way.

    Take it easy 

  • I have been keeping a watchful eye on your progress with great anticipation of XT752 flying. This is an great achievement to have accomplished so much and the general supporters here in the UK appreciate your time effort and funds to keep this perfect symbol of British history flying.

    If only governments had the same dedication in looking after our history and country! 

    Keep up the good work 

  • Dear Sirs

    Please take my congratulations for this wonderful aircraft. Here in Germany we were proud to have the Gannet and as a kid remember how powerful they looked whether they were flying or stationary.

    I would love to visit you when I am in the USA, hopefully I can get a tour.

    Wonderful work  

  • Dear Sirs,

     I have been following your huge efforts in making one of the most amazing aircraft I have seen in books flying again.

    I cannot believe how technicle the Gannet is for an early 1050's aircraft. Please keep pushing on towards your goals there are many of us armchair supporters that are chearing you on. Keep it up. All the best

    Guy O 

  • I am an avid Historic aircraft fan and I wanted to ask if I was to come over to your base could I come and look around XT752 as she is one amazing bird.

    I would be happy to sweep the floors just to touch it, so if there is any chance of this please let me know.

    Thanks Howard 

  • Dear Howard,

     Thank you for your kind request on the 25th on April, we would be very happy for you to come and see "Janet" you dont even have to sweep the floors :)

    Please let us know when you intend to arrive and we will show you around her.

    Very kind regards from the "Team" 

  • You guys must be excited to see XT752 compleated and ready to fly, I know a group of us that fly for our forces over her are. We are glad you are keeping the German link going with this great Naval aircraft.

    Fairey's have made some great aircraft over their many years, but the Gannet and in particular XT752 has to be the aircraft that showed and continues to show how metal can be worked into a performing piece of intricate artwork 

    Keep it going

    From all your German friends 

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    If you are not a Facebook member you can see all of the current posts, however please take the time to join, it is amazing how many Gannet servicemen and enthusiasts have connected again and made new friends sharing the same interest because of our site.

    We will still place your letters on this Blog page if you desire not to take part in Facebook so dont worry.

    Thank you for supporting such an incredible historic aircraft :)