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April 2014

Happy Easter everyone.

We are very proud and excited to announce that the second phase of our future plans have officially been launched. XT752 is supporting our new non-profit 501c3 Foundation for historic aviation. She is a centre piece of an education facility for children and adults alike teaching the importance of aviation history and the need to preserve historic iconic aircraft in operational condition, that represents pioneering technology of their time, the people that made it happen and the servicemen and women that served with them. Importantly we aim to give back to aviation helping the Foundation grow, encouraging children and enthusiasts to be future aviators and engineers, or preservationists. Being such a special historic survivor XT752 couldn't be a better symbol, guiding the way for their future. We hope you all agree. 



 Janet’s also been undergoing her spring general maintenance ready for this 60th anniversary year that celebrates an amazing history unlike any other aircraft.

Finally we would like to thank all of you for your continued kind support especially over the recent years that have spurred us on to get “Janet” where she is today. If she could speak were sure she would thank all of you for becoming part of her caring family.

More news to follow very soon!!!


March 2014

In the last few weeks we have had a massive surge of events and media setting dates for our teams attendance with “Janet” which will please many of you who will be travelling to see her this year.
In the spring we will be adding our attendance dates to our Website and Facebook page giving you plenty of notice to organize your diary.
Last week was a busy week as the Anaheim Heli Expo in California which was attended by some of our venerable sponsors who were showing details of XT752’s refurbishments (please see our official Facebook page and our “Gallery Media” page for images.
Some more big news about “Janet” is coming and we will be able to share that with you very soon as soon as we have put everything in place.
Our videos of “Janet” have been a big hit on our Facebook page and you don’t have to be a member of Facebook to see them, so please take a look whenever you can.
The weather has been unbelievable with record temperatures in the low, this has allowed us to keep XT752 in the warm and work on her ready for the start of the season which is getting closer everyday.
As soon as we can bring her out in the warmer weather we will be getting even more exciting video and events for you all to see.
Meanwhile we will be adding more recent images to our Website in the next few weeks. SO KEEP LOOKING!!!    


February 2014

January was again a very cold month for us with deep sub zero temperatures that has left our home airport and surrounding areas of our hangar with multiple snow piles up to ten feet high.
Fortunately “Janet’s” kept very warm in her climate controlled hangar which allows us to concentrate on her routine maintenance and care.

Were now busy getting her ready for a very active year not only attending events and shows but for her international TV filming and many media coverage’s that is lined up for this season.
This months news is kept brief as we will be updating our site with new images and some big news for next months update.

We hope no matter which country you are in, you will share with us and enjoy a great year for “Janet” and we will hopefully see some of you guys this season around at her events.

Stay tuned and see you then for next months news.



Out with the old and in with the new as they say, and this year of 2014 we are officially celebrating “Janets” 60th Anniversary, the oldest flying turboprop aircraft in the world along with the many historic records she has to her name.

This season we will strive to make sure as many of you great supporters and enthusiasts get to see her at events and shows and we are looking forward to answering all your questions about her.

We also have a very special idea for one of our show appearances here in the USA that has not been done before anywhere in the world, and for those abroad we will make sure as many of these events are filmed and made available to see.
What we can tell you so far is, if we can pull it off with the help of some special people we are sure you will enjoy what you see, so it’s well worth the intrigue. 

In the spring we will start to host some very special aviation talks by unique people at our home base for everyone to come and attend which we will publish the dates in more detail nearer the spring. We will also be having regular notifications on our website and Facebook page of dates for her 2014 flights so you all can either attend our home base to see her ready for departure or to attend the event where the team will be appearing.

So lets all make it an exciting year to look forward to. See you next month!!! 


December 2013

We are fast approaching Christmas this month and shortly a new year will be upon us.
Looking back over this year has been a remarkable time for us all. The careful planning that took place during the past few years of refurbishments came together to bring a jewel in aviation history back to life. Growing friends all over the world have connected in support of “Janet” and now communicating with eachother in a growing family via our official website and Facebook page that run into thousands interconnecting per week, which is a great success for everyone in its own merit.

Before we mention the next coming year we would like to thank with all our heart, our great sponsors, supporters, volunteers, team and friends of “Janet”. We are very proud to have you all part of “Janets” survival, showing such a strong and dedicated family that you have all become no matter where you are.

Our new year 2014 is going to be exciting and fun for everyone as its “Janets” 60th birthday season. We have many plans in operation for some very special appearances at shows and events which we will aim to surprise you with as we get close to the 2014 airshow season. We are also currently working on a plan for “Janet” and some other historic aircraft to get together in a very unique appearance for the public and all aviation enthusiasts, which has never been seen before.
Also we are working at the logistics of “Janet” appearing in the UK for one or two shows before returning back to continue her appearances around the USA. 
This is just some of the event side of things, we also have a multiple of international filming that will be taking place for various TV programs, air to air photography with some of the worlds leading aviation photographers for a multitude of global magazines, and team presentations to the public and corporations just to mention a few.
We hope to meet many of our supporters during 2014 that come to see us on our appearances, as it will be a great pleasure meeting you all.  

All of us at Team Gannet and “XT752” wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year, and we look forward to keeping you informed with more news in January 2014


November 2013

We want to start this month welcoming many new friends who have contacted us on our website and our official Facebook page. It’s great to see existing fans and supporters of “Janet” and the team making new friends with people who are joining us from all over the world.
It’s amazing through the difficult times every person encounters in life that an aircraft can bring escapism and fascination to break up those stressful moments and bring a smile.
“Janet” has a great ability to do this as we all know, and why so many of us care for her.
The last four weeks have seen many people come to look around her even though the weather has been unsuitable for operating her which we have a backlog of things to do and share with you all once the weather is better.

Some more fantastic news for everyone, we are in the process at this time of working with a program for Discovery Channel. We can’t divulge too much at this point but viewers in certain countries will be able to see in 2014 some very interesting technical areas of XT752 and flying coverage.

There is more international media coverage coming in the next few months covering many things all of you at some point may have wanted to see about her as it’s her birthday year of 60 years in 2014 and a huge mark in aviation history for a single aircraft that holds so many records in her life. One major aviation magazine that we are proud to have cover XT752 and Team Gannet is Aeroplane Monthly. Supporters can see a wonderful article in the December 2013 issue as a tribute to her life

All her supporters and historians should feel proud that this wonderful lady is gracing the skies where she truly belongs, as there will never be another like her EVER AGAIN 


October 2013

The last few weeks has seen a great deal of activity with Team Gannet. We have hosted talks about Janet at both our home base and away at other gatherings of aviation enthusiasts and operators. The youngest group this month was the Bear Buddies, and 4-K which age average four years old.

No matter what age group that come to see XT752 we repeatedly see the same wonderful smile on everyone’s face in amazement at how much presence she has and how big she is compared even to images.

The Team are always being requested for talks and if you would like them to attend an event that you may be holding, please contact us for information 

We have also been waiting for the weather to settle down over the last two weeks to continue with our flying schedule and the many photo shoots we have standing by to get those calm clear days for great pictures. We will keep you up to date with more images soon

We have planned to update the video on our website recently, but just to let everyone know we are holding back until we have edited more footage this month.
Our Facebook page has become a really big hit for people all over the world. It gives us a great opportunity to communicate with our supporters and servicemen past and present which has shown us how many have missed Janet over the years.

Next year is Janet’s 60th birthday season and we intend to celebrate her unique history over the coming year in style. We have received many requests for Team Gannet to also appear at some shows in the UK.
One of our dreams would be to see Janet appear at the Farnborough Airshow during her birthday year if this could come together. This is where in 1954 she had her first public debut as the prototype T2 alongside other famous prototypes that unfortunately have no longer survived from those pioneering days.
This is something we are working on and depends greatly on logistics and funding, but we are trying.

Lastly we would like to remember a very unique aviator in the UK, Wing Commander Ken Wallis who was mainly recognised around the world as the father of Autogyro flight. Some of our team had met Mr Wallis and remember him as a very friendly and modest man, many would have seen him flying his Autogyro in the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice” or at airshows in years gone by.      “Farewell Sir”


September 2013 

Great excitement and good wishes are coming in from all around the world since “Janet’s” return to the sky.
We cant express enough how much we enjoy sharing this with all of you wonderful supporters and sponsors, as we all seem to appreciate greatly that sense of history and nostalgia at its finest

“Janet” and our “Team Gannet” are currently busy at the moment with photo calls and media interviews making sure all you enthusiasts get to read about her in your chosen forms of press.
Our official Facebook page is going crazy with viewings which is great news for our supporters while giving us great pleasure in keeping you updated with video footage and images.

Please go to and join in the excitement with everyone, please be a part of it.

We have also just added to the Facebook page our “First Flight Tribute” video which we think portrays how we and many others feel about her in keeping with her history.

Our website will be updated with this video in the coming week. On the subject of video we have placed in multiple locations on “Janet” the latest Go-Pro cameras to record a very unique video montage that has never been done on any Fairey Gannet in the world especially “Janet” until now.
So stand by for something very exciting to come in the next weeks.

Even bigger things are in the planning for the near future taking us into the 2014 season for “Team Gannet”, so keep your great support going and enjoy following us on this great journey unlike any other.


August 2013


XT752 HAS TAKEN TO THE SKY!!!!! on the 9th of August 2013

The world now has the last T5 Gannet back in the air!!!!

Please go to our official Facebook page for immediate updates while we start updating this website with many new images and details

Excitingly some weeks ago “Janet” ran up for the first time under her own power since her refurbishments. During this time we have successfully achieved power checks, and full power runs down our home base runway. Her first showing was supposed to be Oshkosh but XT752 was unfortunately unable to attend due to a last moment technical snag which the team located and fixed just late of the shows closing. However we have been inundated with requests for interviews before and after Oshkosh, so the team drove through the middle of the night in advance of XT752 to the show to make all the interviews take place, and returned to try and get Janet ready for flight to still try and attend.

In a strange twist of fate from Janet's inability to attend we have gathered new friends and even more supporters from the EAA, public, sponsors, media and other display teams who all supported our decision that safety comes first instead of trying to rush to attend a show even as big as Oshkosh. Through this we have already happily committed to attend Oshkosh for her 2014 birthday year of sixty years old.   

We will be placing some fantastic shots of XT752 taken in the last few weeks that you will love. Please keep looking for some more updates this month as there will be many. Also please be part of our facebook page 


July 2013

On June the 8th “Janet” was officially launched to the public on her first debut after her refurbishments started over two years ago.

The team are overwhelmed with the great compliments of the work carried out on her that we receive from supporters, historic enthusiasts, professionals in aviation and other industries as well as the press all over the world.


As promised we have strived to keep her authenticated looks and markings from the days of her military service and past history intact, and we believe from everyone’s comments we happily achieved this, especially with the aid of the best paint products in the world from AkzoNobel.

At our launch party people loved our live band and we have had so many people asking who they are. The team and “Janet” are very pleased to have them as our signature band. So if you want an amazing Blues Band for your event you must look up the DelVincents.

We will be placing some more images on her Gallery page under WN365/XT752 from the event and some more very special images and news which will be taking place shortly.

So as we always promise and deliver, please keep looking as you don’t want to miss a thing!!

To all the supporters of the team and Janet we thank you, and lets make this season great together




June update 2013

On the 8th of June XT752 was unveiled to the public and press with a great blues band the Del Vincents playing well into the evening along with other warbirds attending in support.
We have been overwhelmed with the gratitude sent to us all over the world of the kind remarks about how well her refurbishments have gone.

Please go to our Gallery page WN365/XT752 and scroll down and you will see just a few of her recent images prior to the public entering the debut party.

We will be placing many more images up in the next few weeks of this event and others so stay tuned.

Keep your kind support coming, as you can see this “ICON HAS RETURNED”.


June 2013

This month will be a very short update as we will be updating twice within the next four weeks with some very interesting news for all you supporters.
“Janet” is in great shape thanks to everyone who looks after her, and in the next update this month the latest pictures will be unveiled.

We would like to continue to thank all our friends, sponsors and volunteers who have a great passion for XT752 and the amazing history she has. Of all the historic aircraft in the world she is definitely at the top of the list and deserves the continued best efforts for a great flying future, so all generations can continue to appreciate a very special era that produced without doubt one of the most technically advanced and unique aircraft of all time.



May 2013

This month we celebrate the finalisation of “Janet’s” refurbishments. It is a fitting celebration for all of us to see this wonderful aircraft that so many historians and supporters world wide admire, return in her rightful glory.



Many exciting things are planned for this season starting this month, and we will keep you informed as we go along.


We haven’t added pictures of “Janet” in a completed view yet to her images page as she will be unveiled to the public shortly. When this happens at the same time we will update the web page.


We have added a few images of some work carried out in the last few months, so please take a look. You may have never seen a Double Mamba engine before or how the propellers look when they have been dismantled.



This months news is a short update for everyone as we will be placing a great deal more in the coming weeks when she appears.
We will also tell the story in more detail of the hurdles “Janet” and the team had to overcome and the reasons for them from the moment she was stranded in Newfoundland right up to this day, which gave everyone more strength and determination to keep this great lady alive as time went on.

Keep an eye out for “Janet”


April 2013

We guess everyone can’t wait to see the end of our cold weather and the warmth to arrive.
Great progress is moving along with “Janet” and plans are in progress for her public unveiling.
On the subject of unveiling, we are proud to announce we have just taken the first shipment of Revell 1/72 scale model kits of XT752 which we helped with some touches included in the kit.
On the front of each kit is our web address so scale modellers can hook up to our website to consult images of “Janet” to help their build.
On our shop page we have now listed our kits and owner Shannan Hendricks will be signing each kit when purchased. All proceeds received go to looking after XT752.

Our future plans for our website when XT752 is complete will be to keep you posted of her appearances and go into detail regarding the sponsors, products and techniques used on XT752 along with credits to the guys and team that lovingly take care of her. Later on in the year we will also be looking at a total renovation of our well known website.

On the ongoing theme of information. Every time we have public visits to see XT752, new as well as repeated questions come up and we would like to share them with you with the answers as we are sure many of you would ask the same if you were with us.
1. (Q) How fast does she go (A) Approximately 260kts max continuous with two engines running
2. (Q) How fast does she go with one engine running (A) Approximately 160Kts max continuous
3. (Q) How much fuel does she carry (A) 600 Gallons
4. (Q) When was she built (A) 1954
5. (Q) Who caringly owns her (A) Shannan Hendricks since 2004
6. (Q) How special is she (A) She is one of the rarest historic aircraft in the world and has a history that is unprecedented. Twice a prototype and new development of only eight dual control types ever built. The only Gannet civilian registered to the Fairey factory. The only dual control Gannet sold to Indonesia and then bought back to continue service in the Royal Navy. The last Gannet in the world to land on the Ark Royal aircraft carrier.  The longest serving Gannet surviving in the world. The oldest Gannet surviving in the word.

We look forward to seeing you in May. WE APPRECIATE ALL YOUR KIND SUPPORT.


March 2013 

Spring is on its way “finally”, and with it brings some great announcements and surprises in the coming couple of months.
XT752 also welcomed more sponsors both private and corporate in recent months which is wonderful, complimenting the hard work by everyone.

Since her refurbishments started she has brought together a family of the best professional skills, state of the art products and huge hearted efforts that one could only dream about. She truly does represent the best of the best, and does so very humbly for such a grand lady.

Another exciting announcement and update is that XT752’s very own model replica kit from Revell will be on sale in multiple countries and with us later this month. We will be officially launching the kit here in the USA beside XT752 herself and our website shop page will have the kits detailed and listed for purchase. Every purchase of these kits from our shop comes with a letter of thanks from XT752’s team of which all proceeds go to supporting her.

A very unique opportunity for modellers could be realised, as Revell also manufacture the mighty Antonov-124 kit. We are sure it won’t be long before models of the AN-124 and XT752 are built by enthusiasts in settings side by side commemorating the amazing mission in 2010 of one coming to the rescue of another to preserve and save history.

We will be updating the images again in the next couple of weeks so please keep looking in the Gallery sections.
We also plan to detail our sponsor’s products along with the technical details and applications very soon which will be useful and interesting to all restorers of mechanical items that have and will go through similar hurdles.

February 2013

As promised we have added some new images to our Gallery page under WN365/XT752. These images have been taken over the last couple of months and as you will see the protective plastic and sheeting are mostly in place. This is to protect her during the work of putting her back together.

Its fun to see these images as they are sneak views of certain areas which will give you an idea of how she is looking and coming back together.

We included a picture of the back of the pilot’s seat which is very historic. It shows her original stencil of her days when she was launched as the prototype WN365. This seat obviously was the one that got away from the factory and the military when they reworked and renamed her as XT752.

This refurbishment has been like turning back time and we are very fortunate to be able to share it with you. Being able to see and record her original yellow training bands as WN365 once again while we were removing her paint, was an opportunity that rarely comes along for any aircraft let alone one as historically special as XT752. We then struck out lucky again with seeing WN365 on the pilot’s seat.
We will definitely be preserving WN365 on the back of this seat and not tampering with it, as its all part of her history.

Over recent weeks we have had the pleasure of having many visitors come to see “Janet” now she is so close to completion. We were very happy to meet a group of Cubs in the general age range of eight years old, accompanied by their parents. Despite being young they all had very adult questions while having a bucket load of enthusiasm to see all the areas of “Janet’s” airframe.

Usually four questions are always asked by our young visitors which is, how fast does she go, how does she fold her wings, how many bombs does she carry, and how do those propellers work!!!

Obviously we have great fun answering them all, while having a great time teaching our next generation and adults the special history of this wonderful aircraft.

“See you in February” 

January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Out with the old and in with the new, hopefully the new years resolutions will stay firm and it will be a prosperous year for every good hearted supporter.

We are just adding the final touches to “Janet’s” new paintwork, as every marking and descriptive word on her is painted, and not applied in stickers.

The fun part is now happening with various items being fitted each day, still while most of her is covered up for protection. Over the Christmas she has been looking like a massive wrapped present with bits of wrapping slowly being removed as days go on.
All our visitors love to try and spot the latest work that has been done and spend time with the team talking about “Janet”.

We will be adding more images to this website in the next couple of weeks as we are holding off until a few major completions areas to her have been finished ready for you all to see. It’s very exciting.

More and more updates will now be coming as we get closer to her anticipated RETURN!!!!!  

December 2012

We are nearly at the end of the old year and start of the new. Approximately seventeen months has passed which has gone by so quickly since “Janet’s” refurbishments started, now her paintwork and parts which are returned back to her airframe is now virtually completed and nearly ready for her final stages to start.

The team have been working extremely hard especially on her paintwork as original fonts, locations of markings, colours all had to be researched for applying, of which everything has been recreated in paint and not stickers or transfers. This process has seen miles of masking tape, masking paper not to mention the massive amount of hours and patients. During December we will be adding more updated images to the Gallery page under WN365/XT752 so you can see for yourself how she’s getting on.

Some more exciting news for our readers and modellers is that we can officially announce that Revell the well known international model plastic kit manufacturers will be launching in the early part of 2013 a brand new kit in their line which will be of our wonderful lady XT752, commemorating her amazing history, survival and return to the sky. Modellers will be able to recreate XT752 using many of our references taken from her refurbishments.

Another exciting bit of news is that for a long time our leader Shannan has been asked to publish her personal record of events and experiences, covering many details of the hurdles over the years that she and the team have travelled through to make sure “Janet” could be kept flying for people of all ages to appreciate and to preserve one of aviations most unique historic treasures. We are pleased to announce that a book is being written for publication that will be full of her “AS IT HAPPENED” experiences she encountered along the way that are certainly as unique as XT752, and will make very interesting reading for everyone. We will keep you posted.

The next time our readers update will be added will be 2013, on that note Shannan the team and our sponsors would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for your support and have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.
We will see you in January 2013.


November 2012

We hope everyone had a great Halloween.
More big steps have taken place over the last four weeks which has transformed “Janet” in a spectacular way, which will without doubt excite her supporters when she is unveiled.

We have had some great feedback this month from many of you, and it’s great to hear from people not only in the USA but also in the UK where many supporters are also eager to see her fly. We are all very proud to be able to care for such a rare aircraft with a valuable history representing an era in aviation engineering that will never be seen again.

When you measure up the history of “Janet” she is one amazing survivor.
She is as follows;
The oldest Gannet in the world with the lowest flying hours, making her just a baby in flying hour terms.
The world’s first T2 prototype that became a second platform for the new T5 development.
The only surviving T class Gannet out of two that served for the Indonesians then purchased back to fly for the Royal Navy.
The last Fairey Gannet in the Royal Navy that was specially selected by the admiralty to land on the UK’s Ark Royal as a farewell to the Gannet type.
The last flying T5 Gannet in the world
The only ex-military aircraft in the world of any military type still flying that became a true prototype and new development twice.
And finally from what our researchers have found is that she is the oldest flying military turboprop aircraft in the world.

Supporters around the globe can definitely take pride in helping us protect her history and her future. 

October 2012

As the fall arrives preparing us for the winter, we have been able to finally close up on certain areas of “Janet”

As time draws closer to her completion not only are we privileged to see her transformation first hand but have constant reminders how much she means to all her supporters by the good will and support we constantly receive from everyone.

As you know she has been changing bit by bit and due to many of the areas now finished, painted and fitted, she is wearing a total masking cover to protect her.
We thought it would be fun to add some pictures on the “Gallery” page under WN365 / XT752 Images section of certain masked areas to challenge you all to guess what parts of her you are looking at, so we can see how Gannet clever you are!

Within the next few days pictures will appear in the section mentioned for you to start guessing. Let us know by using the contact page what area you guess is covered and we will add some of your guesses to our “Blog” page. Next month we will publish the answers to see if you’re correct.


September 2012

We would like to start of this month by remembering Neil Armstrong and sending our warmest condolences to his family. A Naval aviator, engineer, professor and astronaut that will be remembered in our world’s history for eternity.

This month update on “Janet” is that we have happily progressed with many of the smaller jobs needed to be accomplished which are now wrapped up. We are also excited that more help and corporations have joined forces to aid “Janet’s” progress along the way which we will be detailing at a later date.

Also a great deal of behind the scenes work is going on at the moment which is the usual way during the latter part of refurbishments of an aircraft of this magnitude. It’s all to make the correct results possible and we are more than excited to do it.

Over the next weeks, more major steps will be completed narrowing down what is left to do, and in next month’s report we should be in a position to add more images for our readers to look forward to.

Until our next report “KEEP THE SUPPORT COMING”  

August 2012

It’s an exciting month with people in every country cheering on their own Olympic team.
During the last month we have steadily been re-fitting painted parts finalising various areas of the refurbishments, while allowing us to concentrate on certain other parts that are still outstanding for attention. Last month also became very busy with a great number of people coming to have a tour of “Janet’s” progress. In one visit alone we had nearly fifty children ranging from five years old upwards, and all were eager to ask very well educated questions, amazed at “Janet’s” huge presence.

Visitors who have been involved with aviation for years that come to see “Janet” are in awe of Fairey’s engineering. Its without doubt that experiencing first hand Fairey’s design achievements within XT752 what huge impact the Gannet type must have had on the worlds aerospace designers all those years ago, as well as being the first turboprop aircraft in the world to enter active military service.
It’s always exciting for us to be able to educate our visitors on British historic aviation, while having such a great aircraft to demonstrate comparisons in aviation evolution from both sides of the Atlantic. This is something we take onboard as extremely important for our future generations understanding of history

Everyone is really excited to see “Janet” take to the air again, and we are looking forward to her completion as soon as possible this year. One thing for sure, 2013 is going to be an exciting flying season for this very rare lady.

We would like to continue to ask aviation enthusiasts from all walks of life that value history to remember that at all times XT752 and her history benefits from your kind support in donations and purchases of our shop merchandise.

Be part of a very unique movement to keep a very unique aircraft alive!

July 2012

Summer is certainly hotting up with temperatures into the 90’s and “Janet’s” progress is certainly moving forward excitingly well.

Most of the bomb bay which is huge for an aircraft of this size approximately 18’ long, a tapering 5’ wide and approximate 3’ deep, along with the wheel wells, undercarriage legs, all wing root sections, have been finished and most of the serviced parts replaced in these areas so far.
The wing and fuselage internals after servicing have also been protected against the chance of any corrosion during the years to come.

Its hard to give our supporters a real indication of the amount of extra work that has gone into “Janet” being that she is a search and destroy Gannet differently to an AEW version that didn’t carry weapons, being there is a huge additional amount of square footage to care for in the weapons areas.
If you just think of the dimensions of the bomb bay and that each bomb bay door had to be refurbished inside and outside along with the complicated bomb bay internal area that houses a multitude of mechanics, weapons systems and carrier points, it all adds up in comparison to almost refurbishing a light aircraft in its own merit.

We are glad to say we are on the home run now and a great deal of her is back together. We have been forced due to the unavailability of certain needed items to approach companies that still survive today who originally made parts for the Fairey Gannet in order to have the required items re-manufactured, so whatever the hurdle we will overcome it to get this great historic aircraft back to life, and a very important reason for all our supporters to continue to donate to help her.

Importantly volunteers and donors are a major key to the survival of most historic aircraft and we want to recognise and thank them all no matter which country you are located, it’s a team effort.

We would like to bring to everyone’s attention Mr Tony Sargeant an amazing aviation artist who has captured incredible moments in time on canvas for clients internationally. His accurate research of XT752 flying at her last military base in Lossiemouth, and an eye for detail has resulted in a masterpiece that commemorates this venerable aircraft and the military who cared for her.
This massive oil painting that is 80 inches in width! will be presented personally by Mr Sargeant and placed alongside “Janet” later this year.

We have placed an image on our “SHOP” page of this wonderful painting. A limited numbered amount of official prints 37x19 inches will be signed individually by Tony Sargeant himself are available for purchase and orders are being taken “NOW” so dont miss this unique opportunity.

 To see Mr Sargeant's other amazing artwork please go to; 

Please check out more images within the site.

Happy flying and have a safe 4th of July.


June 2012

The huge effort and support by many to get “Janet” back in the air is certainly paying off.

Despite setbacks and hardships she is getting closer to her public unveiling.

XT752 never ceases to amaze all of us with her great history and how she has played a part in so many lives still with us and those sadly departed.

We have recently been in contact with a naval family whose late father played a big part in XT752’s military history. Our tribute to him will be very apparent at a later date when she is unveiled, along with accompanying histories of other individuals connected with her service days.

In the last few updates we have deliberately restricted many updated images of her finished areas. The reason for this is we want to introduce her back to our supporters and public this year in a style that she deserves, which is also planned to be televised. We are going to keep all our supporters wondering how she is going to look until that final moment.

Don’t worry though, on unveiling her we are definitely going to add all her many images taken through her various refurbishment steps to our website image page getting her right up to date, so you wont miss a thing.

On the subject of our website, we will be updating various pages shortly and later this year we are working on having an interactive part of our site that will place you in the driver’s seat of XT752 and give you a perfect opportunity to see how it looks at the helm.

Please keep sending in your support, it certainly goes a long way.
XT752 is an unprecedented piece of history that deserves to continue flying for years to come.

May 2012

April has come and gone, and “Janet” has seen non stop work to get her back together again, and the results so far are very fitting for such a dignified lady.

Most of the hard work in the bomb bay, wheel wells, undercarriage and wing fold areas is completed thanks to everyone’s hard efforts and attention to detail.

Within the next eight weeks a massive amount of work will again be accomplished and will be a very exciting time for everyone as many tasks are being completed.

We continue to thank the people and corporations who have joined this very special once in a lifetime quest to get XT752 back in the air again, supporting us along the way on this unique journey.

Everyone involved with “Janet” by donations, professional support, and belief in her continued survival should be proud of your efforts so far. We are very glade to have you all aboard, and we will continue to do our very best.

We have been saving and stockpiling the recent images taken of her refurbishments in order to air at a slightly later date on our website. This is for greater impact as she draws closer to a finished condition. We hope the images you will soon see will make you agree that “Janet” is “BACK”

Lastly it has recently been brought to our attention that an aviation maintenance company in Wales UK, has been using pictures of XT752 to promote their business, creating some confusion. Whilst this is very flattering to use pictures of our aircraft we would like to confirm that XT752 or the individuals in our organisation have no association or affiliation with this aviation maintenance company whatsoever.
For authorised affiliation to our organization please contact us via the “Contact Us” page and we will be happy to assist.

April 2012

The start of spring has begun to excite aviation enthusiasts, particularly for coming to visit XT752 and see her progress. 

Busses recently brought over fifty children ranging from four years old upward accompanied with adults who were amazed to see “Janet” and learn about some of her historic past and to see her coming back together.
“Janet” never fails to bring a fascinating smile to everyone’s face with her presence and size, it’s always great to see.

More and more parts that have been refurbished are now being reattached and painted. Our continued aim is to faithfully finish all her areas in a similar way to the factory with some various improvements to detail along the way.
Its always tempting to re-plate nuts and bolts etc to make them stand out, similar to other aircraft that have adorned shows, but after thinking very hard about this we decided to keep her close to authentic at the same time making sure her metallurgy is protected for many years to come.
From mid to late April we will be placing our updated pictures of the work in progress so please keep a look out in her images section.

Finally on a very serious and more important note we would like to bring to all our reader’s attention a very special little baby boy who has been fighting for his survival since he was born a little over a hundred days ago.
“Hayden Alvermann” was born with a very rare condition and we would urge you all to visit his own web page at;

Hayden’s family who live in New Richmond, WI are doing everything possible to raise funds for the medical costs that aid his survival, and everyone can help if they go to his web page and give a donation.
We are very humbled to be helping and hope that all our XT752 supporters can also play a part in Hayden’s fight for life.


March 2012

Spring is just around the corner, and despite the odd snow fall and freezing weather “Janet’s” progress is going steady.

Within the month of February turned the corner for “Janet” and the final paint application to the bomb bay was completed thanks to Akzo Nobel.
The refurbished parts of the bomb bay are now starting to be fitted, which along with all of the soda blasting preparation by Church & Dwight (Armex) and Sodablast Systems the paint applications has wonderfully transformed the bomb bay beyond recognition from when the work first began.
This has given an extra boost to everyone, by seeing the start of her coming back together.

We would like to add our continued thanks to all our sponsors, enthusiasts and supporters who are pulling together along with us to make it happen. Thanks to “Janet” we have found new friends around the world especially from many parts of the USA, England and Germany who have all brought together a great spirit to succeed, contributing their efforts along with ours.

The special opportunity to bid for your name to be applied on the cockpit side has been delayed just for s short while due to some interesting options which we will share once a decision is made, however to reserve a place for your name on the drop tanks is now open (please see last month’s update on how to reserve your name place)

The next few months will see a great deal of moving and lifting equipment being used as we put more of “Janet” together, but more on this next month.

Thank you all for the support of “A ONE OF A KIND AIRCRAFT”

February 2012

Last month has seen a great deal of hard work preparing the bomb bay and wheel wells for the re-instalment of removed parts and final painting in these areas as well as work on the power plant area.

During her refurbishments it has been necessary to replace certain items that have been for various reasons unavailable to us.
In these circumstances having parts and tooling specifically made to specifications are extremely costly and sometimes require minimum orders, therefore all your support, sponsorship and donations help “Janet” in many of these areas.

To help her along the way with the cost of needed manufacturing of various items and parts we have decided to allocate one of her refurbished drop tanks for financial donors who pay $1,500.00 USD for their own name or a loved one or someone dearly departed, of which we will apply and continue to apply in the future if we have to repaint the tanks. The donor will also receive a certificate showing the location of the applied name.

As space is a premium to apply names we are taking the donation of
$1,500.00 USD and placing the required name on a first come first serve basis.
To order a place please go to our website donations button and send the required amount with the required name you wish us to apply on XT752’s drop tank and we will do the rest. 

Lastly one more exciting decision has been made for one very special person. We have decided to auction at a starting entry bid of $10,000.00 USD the rare position on her airframe under the second cockpit canopy for the winning person or their loved one or dearly departed name to be applied in company with the famous name of test pilot Peter Twiss during her painting in the return of her magnificent colour scheme of orange and silver.
We will be giving you the entire details next month regarding the online auction for this rare one off opportunity. BE THAT ONE SPECIAL PERSON IN THE WORLD.

Please remember that all donations received go towards XT752’s return to the sky.

January 2012

Happy New Year!

Last year saw the start of an intense time, where refurbishments on “Janet” have since continued twelve hours of almost every day!  
It’s very exciting seeing the very hard work paying off which was necessary on the return of her overdue delay in Goose Bay, and now entering into the year she is planned to fly again, along with everyone’s continued help.

XT752 and her history as a prototype and the world’s last airworthy example is a very important surviving link in historic aviation. She is also the only true historic prototype of a totally new development of any type of historic aircraft still flying in the world.

Being responsible for such a rare and wonderful aircraft gives us the ability for XT752 to do special things in the future. We were saddened last year to hear that Fairey’s well known test pilot Peter Twiss had passed away without him being able to see XT752 take to the sky again, but he will be paired once again out of great respect when his name is applied to “Janet’s” new paint.

“Janet’s” attendance at airshows and events will represent her technical designers at every stop she makes.

This year will also see her being part of more exciting developments which will allow many of you historic aviation enthusiast’s opportunities to get closer to the behind the scenes action of keeping these wonderful aircraft preserved and alive, of which we will keep you soon informed of all the new information.

As this year progresses with her refurbishments we aim to update this news page every two weeks instead of every month to keep everyone closer up to date with events as it happens, so please keep looking and please keep the donations coming in, as she needs everyone’s continued help for survival.

Lets make it a great year for XT752

December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone, the Christmas month is finally here.
In the festive spirit “Janet” has a picture in the Gallery page WN365/XT752 section wearing her Santa hat, sharing a special wish for Christmas to fly for everyone’s enjoyment in 2012.

November despite being a short month due to the Thanks Giving Holidays has seen a great deal of work carried out applying the latest AkzoNobel base primers, protecting her metals during the next few months of maintenance work before her final colours and top coats are applied.

Many of her removed parts and surfaces have been prepared and are steadily being replaced back on to her airframe. Even the insides of every panel cover and openings which in total are many, as well as a great deal of areas never seen, have been lovingly stripped of paint, prepared and repainted. Things are certainly coming on well.

Many media companies are covering her story and visits are taking place regularly. It’s great to see everyone’s first glimpse of “Janet”, no matter how young, how old or what background they come from, everyone smiles in amazement of her huge presence and technical wonder. It’s fantastic to witness.  

As it’s close to Christmas we would like to send our warmest wishes to all “Janet’s” supporters and sponsors around the world. The long road has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination, achieving up to this stage of her return to flight. But thanks to everyone’s amazing perseverance, fantastic support this irreplaceable one of a kind aircraft is successfully coming back to life.

Please keep the support and help coming in for 2012.

HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, we will see you in the New Year. 

November 2011

We hope everyone had a great Halloween which now brings us into November.

Progress is going well thanks to everybody "well done".

“Janet’s” airframe parts are starting to be Precoated and primed. We are fascinated using this great surface treatment called Precoat and enjoy using it.       

This treatment does away with harmful etch treatments usually used with aluminium in order to key the metal for painting, and its easy and quick to apply. Once applied you can see the dirt and oxides run out of the bare metal in front of your eyes ready for painting

More visitors and volunteers are continually welcomed, and we have been excited to demonstrate some of the new products and techniques that are being used.
It’s a great honour and feeling when experienced classic and custom car builders as well as aircraft owners and operators come to see “Janet” and then want to ask for advice on how to get the same results to benefit their own projects.

“Janet” is now almost hangar bound for the winter. This will allow for a great deal of component servicing and system testing ready for the start of the spring.

The site is allways updated with new pictures, so please go to the Gallery page and click WN365 / XT752 Images button to see the latest pics.

We are saving to buy some further specialist equipment to maintain “Janet” and additional storage space so PLEASE help her with a donation whenever you can

Have a warm November month 

October 2011

The fall season is certainly here, and we have had some ups and downs as far as weather this year.

The good news is that “Janet’s” total paint removal process is almost complete. During her in depth soda blasting using Soda Blast Systems fantastic equipment and the world best quality blasting soda by Armex, a division of Arm & Hammer we were able to uncover and document many unique markings that had been forgotten in her history many years ago. Using the blasting method we were also able to identify areas and parts accurately that needed minor remedial attention which would not have normally been easily seen until more serious evidence had shown up later in time.

We have also been experimenting with different techniques which we have developed to gain the most effective way of using the blasting equipment coupled with the gentlest way to remove stubborn paint. One additional piece of equipment we have been using is Armex’s blasting nozzle which blasts the soda at supersonic speeds, making the paint removal process very powerful by any standard.

Filming is due to start this month for another Discovery program and we will copy everyone in with some images of the filming in our Gallery section as soon as we can.

New products are also being used on her in the coming weeks and we will give you more details of what they are and what they do to help “Janet’s” long term preservation

On a very sad note, we had learnt that one of the most venerable and outstanding test pilots in the UK passed away at the beginning of September and we wanted to acknowledge this great man.

Peter Twiss Fairey’s own test pilot, world record breaker, and the man responsible for test flying a majority of Fairey’s aircraft including our own XT752 prototype when she was developed all those years ago is regretfully no longer with us.

He will be missed by many.

Without doubt we feel it would be very fitting and in our ability to honour this great man in a way we hope he would have liked, and when XT752 is repainted we intend to apply his name on the side of her front cockpit below the canopy in tribute to him.

Rest in peace Peter

September 2011

The end of summer is nearly here, and although it’s sad to see another season end we are happy to have accomplished “Janet’s” progress targets to date despite the weather hold ups.

“Janet” now looks amazingly different without paint, but wonderfully like new thanks to the new technology, products and techniques which have been applied to her gentle paint removal.

This month has also seen the unique cockpit canopy’s magically transform from their many years of service wear, to like new condition thanks to Gene with his great patients and skill.

We will be posting on our Gallery page this month under WN365/XT752 images, some great pictures of “Janet” without paint, so please keep a look out.

Another wonderful historic find the team have made, is during the stripping of paint the remains of the original training yellow used for the wing bands when she was WN365 were uncovered on both wings. A picture of this is also on our Gallery page under WN365/XT752.

Shortly her refurbishment schedule will accelerate to the next level, so please keep looking at the Gallery image pages for the latest pictures as we keep you up to date, as well as new developments with TV coverage and further filming.

Please keep the support coming forward, this great aircraft definitely deserves it.


August 2011

July has been a very busy month. Some of the team have been working on “Janet” in outside temperatures nearing the 100 degrees in an all out effort to get her ready for paint preparation on time, as a great deal of this preparation needs to be done outside of her hangar.

So many visitors have been coming to see her progress and offer their help, and we are so fortunate that there are so many good people that support her.

This month should see the end of her preparation for painting, and the start of her new technology AkzoNobel preservative primers and paints being applied using the latest electrostatic painting equipment by Graco.

The History Channels “Monster Moves” program that XT752 stars in has been a huge hit around the world so far with the countries it is being shown, with further stations launching it. More TV coverage is in the pipeline for her supporters, and we will keep you informed.

Please keep contacting us from around the globe as we have had some great stories from many countries, and people who have been in contact with Gannets or love them.

In the next couple of months a great deal of movement will be occurring that will see XT752 coming back to a very high standard and we will keep you updated with pictures and the latest news.

Please keep your donations coming as she is steadily coming back to life and every bit of help from everyone counts a great deal.
We will be putting many more pictures up of her progress in the next few weeks.


July 2011

June has seen some amazing weather systems at “Janet’s” home base at New Richmond Airport. The highs of over a hundred degrees then lows in the fifties accompanied by spectacular storms. Despite the weather though “Janet” has continued to have her paint removed in-between the rainy days with great progress being made, and further parts being removed for maintenance.

Its great news that we have also been approached by two international TV production companies who want to film some of XT752’s refurbishments and return to flight. This will be very exciting as the two programs are very diverse from each other. We will be able to give more information at a future date, so keep looking.

Discovery Channel's Monster Moves program that "Janet" stars in is making its way around various countries at this time, and the good news is that this program will also be aired on the UK's channel five very soon on the 9th of August at 8pm, so please keep a look out for it.    

A wonderful honour has just been bestowed on us recently. We have been approached by the organizers of the 8th Airforce Historical Society and asked us to chair a talk in August about XT752’s history for their veteran members that include WWII servicemen as they are also totally amazed over the technical design of our wonderful aircraft.
For us this will be a very special opportunity to meet these heroic survivors and exchange stories while showing them around XT752. We will cover this special gathering for sure in a future update.

As we had hoped, the younger generation has come forward to learn and look after “Janet”. Our youngest volunteer Jackson Bonnes (thirteen) from New Richmond wants to help XT752 return to the sky, and his great efforts since starting with us indicate he is competent and dedicated in learning to keep our aviation history safe for the future.
To see a boy of a new generation happy and excited while looking after “Janet” of nearly sixty years old, gives us confidence that the futures very bright for historic aircraft.

More updates will be coming soon about our special painting of XT752 with limited edition prints, and our new website page covering everything to do with her refurbishments. We will also have more of the latest pictures.

Stay Tuned      

June 2011

Continued good progress is being made on “Janets” refurbishments and more recent press releases covering the efforts have been written.

We have been excited to see original stencil markings hidden under many coats of paint that were applied to her airframe parts from the day she left the factory and are documenting these along the way (see the Gallery page WN365/XT752 Images section).

Support by our sponsors is of the highest degree and regular visits are made to help “Janet” along her journey back to flight. We should have our new refurbishments page up soon, which will be detailing our sponsors equipment and methods used, so keep a look out for it.

It’s also been a busy fun month