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As time marches on, it points out the great importants to preserve special milestones in all walks of life. Even though we have modern technology using various types of visual aids and libraries, there is no substitute for the real thing to stimulate a persons mind and senses to encourage learning.
In historic aviation there are many good causes, and prototype XT752 “Janet” is defiantly a one of a kind from a past era that will NEVER be repeated, and must be treated with that special touch and care.


Making sure she now has the best chance of a long and safe future in the sky's, as well as pulling out all the stops to enable her to visit her supporters and old friends in Europe once again on a new mission.. Maintaining and looking after her to the highest degree will hopefully give her the best chance of flying for the next sixty years or more. To help us keep her in the air where she belongs, every bit of financial support is gratefully welcomed. With your kind donations and help in any genuine way you possibly can, you will be playing a part in helping us keep the worlds FIRST and LAST Fairey Gannet prototype T5 trainer alive. "A true time capsule in our worlds aviation history".        


This is a unique opportunity, for YOU to help us keep aviation's "LONE SURVIVOR" XT752 preserved and operational, something all of us can certainly be proud of. So please keep a thought that at any time, any place, any country, XT752 always benefits from your continued contributions and support.  




To join "Friends of XT752" just fill in your details in the membership form and press the send button and you will automatically be sent to the Pay-Pal area to send your membership contribution in any denomination to the equivalent value of $70.00 USD or MORE !.

You will receive from the team a unique "Thank You" poster of XT752 with our official logo of authenticity. You will also be updated with special events, offers and meetings that take place and raffles to win days at future shows as part of the team looking after her. You will also qualify for a 10% discount on any items sold through our website shop. Friends of XT752 membership is renewable annually.

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"Just click and send" By clicking the Donate buttons it will allow you to contribute ANY denomination of ANYamount safely and quickly via Pay-Pal at any time. (you don’t need a PayPal account either to do this!)


Corporate/Business Sponsors, are very welcomed and extremely valued, PLEASE contact us directly using the "Contact" page.


If you prefer to send your donations or or pay to join "Friends of XT752" by post or other, please go to the "Contact" page, and let us know if you are donating or joining "Friends of XT752", how you prefer to pay, and from which Country, including your email address. By return we will email you the details needed for your payment from where you are located quickly and easily. Alternatively you can send United States Dollar payments with your details to; PO Box 103, New Richmond, WI, 54017, USA.      


                                         All continued contributions big or small really does help the survival of XT752


               Thank you for your continued kind support “Janet” sends her warm gratitude